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Australian Adventure II

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Having now nearly reached the middle of the photo review about my Australian Adventure, I noticed that I have posted a lot of cool views of Western Australia.

However what is missing – at least IMHO – is a bit more about those small towns we passed by on our trip. I just mentioned them in my comments, but how do they look like?

This is, why I´m planning to pause the major photo series – before heading over to the second part – and insert a short small-town-series first.

Check out on Flickr soon.

Besides the really amazing photo series about my Australian Adventure, I’ve learned many (sometimes rather strange) things about this huge and far-away country.

First, in ancient times Australia has been the major British prison camp.

Second, between 1901 and 1907 Western Australia build a rabbit fence, to protect itself from the huge rabbit population. This fence(s) streched about more than 3.000 km. You can finde more about the fence(s) here on Wikipedia.

Third, in 1932, Western Australia fought an Emu War – true and unbelievable! Australian Military was sent out to kill the immense population of Emus, which caused huge damage on wheat harvest. You can finde more about the Emu War here on Wikipedia.

Enjoy 😉

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New Asahi Pentax Takumar S-M-C arrived …

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Today is a good day 😉
I received two parcels – each carrying an old piece of glass.

The first one is an Asahi Takumar Super-Multi-Coated 3.5/35mm in M42 mount.

The second one is an Asahi Takumar Super-Multi-Coated 3.5/24mm also in M42 mount.

Both lenses are in an A+ condition, looking like brand new and both will serve now on several cameras – digital and analog.

From time to time I’ll post my experience with these old lenses.

Enjoy 😉

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Australian Adventure

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

It’s time to launch a new short series.

Lasting nearly two years of postprocessing (just kidding), sorting, sorting and … sorting, I’m now about to put my Australian Adventure live on Flickr – check it out.

In November 2015 we started from Munich via Dubai to Perth – our first short rest on a new continent.

I’ve never been there before and had read lots of guides, but when approaching the Western-Australian shoreline by plane, it is an amazing view. Hours and hours, nothing else than the endless waters of the Indian Ocean. Then suddenly a line … a line from horizon to horizon … a straight line, which defines the coastline of Freemantle, just before approaching Perth.

Perth, a flat city with a clearly defined Central Business District, where some skyscrapers strive reaching the sky.

Around 1.5 Mio. people live in Perth on approx. 5500 km² – Wow.
Around 3.5 Mio people live in Berlin … on 900 km².

From Perth, we headed down south-east to Esperance, finding lots of places on our trip. Back to Perth, we jumped over to Melbourne for a short stop, before jumping down to Tasmania for another week, finally spending some very nice days back in Melbourne. At least some of our impressions you can see in the Flickr photo-story.

Enjoy 😉

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Contax RX Mirror Slip …

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Recently I had the issue with my Contax RX, when the mirror hit the lens’ rear part during several exposures.

After investigating on the web, I found this a common issue with contax cameras. The glue, fixing the mirror on the mirror carrier, gets loose over the years. Thus, as the camera is usually standing upright and the mirror is then on a slope, the mirror drifts downwards.

I found a nice solution on the web, using a hair dryer and some superglue.

After heating the mirror around a minute or so … very carefully moving the dryer back and forth, as the camera gets quite hot … I could move the mirror back into it’s correct position.

Finaly I put some superglue onto the edge between mirror and mirror-carrier.

Up to now, it fits 😉

P.S. Full Story here on Digicamclub.