Hiking along the Waldnaab

After Christ­mas A.D. 2017, with all its won­der­ful and exhaust­ive meals, we found time to hike along the small river Wald­naab.

Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II Wald­naab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II

This time I col­lec­ted a hand­ful of black&white bark images — made with the Ricoh GR II — from trees lined up along the small river — or bet­ter, along it’s flood chan­nel.

Waldnaab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II Wald­naab / Flutkanal, Ricoh GR II

As we were hik­ing this trail already many many times, tak­ing a cam­era with you and per­ceiv­ing the envir­on­ment con­sciously is somet­ing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. See­ing the dif­fer­ing struc­ture of the barks on each tree — where you nor­mally simply pass by — makes each of these trees … unique.

Just to men­tion:
Regard­ing this beau­ti­ful small river, even if the river Wald­naab is a small river by all means, at it’s estu­ary into the river Donau, it’s even wider (not deep­er) than this legendary Ger­man river — as can be con­firmed on Google Maps. River Naab is the beau­ti­ful dark one com­ing from the left, river Donau is the muddy one com­ing from the bot­tom right of the screen­shot.

Screen­shot from Google Maps

My trip to that estu­ary can be found here.

Enjoy 😉

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