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Irelands Southwest and West (Part 2)

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Part 2 of our 2017 trip through Irleands South­w­est and West.

Arriv­ing in Dub­lin, we imme­di­ately got our car and headed south­east. Dub­lin itself was planed as the Great Final of the tour.
Some people (greet­ings to Jim) are recom­mend­ing to hire a car as small as pos­sible, as driv­ing in Ire­land can be chal­len­ging and Irleands roads are some­times quite nar­row. Indeed they are right. Nev­er­the­less it was great fun driv­ing a not-so-small car on one lane coun­try roads ;)

What I can recom­mend is def­in­itely an auto­mat­ic trans­mis­sion mod­el, as driv­ing on the wrong side is some­thing you get used to, but it takes a little bit. Not sure how people here can drive their whole life long on the wrong side of the road.

Our first stop down to the west was … Kilkenny. Yes, they’re fam­ous for their castle and … their beer. At least I thought when in the even­ing order­ing a loc­al Kilkenny at the pub. The friendly wait­ress told me, that since many years the Kilkenny was brewed at Guin­ness in Dub­lin. Again what learned.

As it was a one night stop in Kilkenny, we had to hurry to see all the things worth vis­it­ing here. Old Smith­wicks Brew­ery, Domin­ic­an Black Abbey, the Cathed­ral Church of St Canice or Matt The Millers Bar & Res­taur­ant, just to men­tion some.

On the road

On our way fur­ther down, we went over Jer­point Abbey and the Rock of Cashel to Kil­lar­ney, finally reach­ing our B&B in Beaufort on the Kerry Pen­in­sula.


The next days we stayed here, explor­ing the south­w­est. Hik­ing in the Kil­lar­ney Nation­al Park vis­it­ing the Muck­ross House on Loch Leane, the Gap of Dun­loe (cool driv­ing exper­i­ence), Lady’s View, the Ring of Kerry and Valen­tia Island, from where since 1866 the first per­man­ent com­mu­nic­a­tion link between Europe and the North Amer­ica was oper­ated.

From Beaufort, we headed over to Inch Beach (cool Irish beach), from where we explored the Dingle Pen­in­sula and we met Fungie — the fam­ous dol­phin.

… more to come.

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.


A Nikon F‑301 travelling Ireland

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019


Mid 2017 we made a two week trip through Ire­land. Motiv­ated by Jim Grey from Down the Road who made sev­er­al won­der­ful posts about his jour­ney in 2016, I tried to get hands on an old ana­log Nikon F‑301 cam­era with a 35mm lens attached. I packed five rolls of Agfa Vista 400 to feed the Nikon and packed … guess what .… my Work­horse as an every­day backup togeth­er with its fant­ast­ic M.Zuiko 12–40mm PRO lens.



You can find the Agfa Vista 400 col­our ver­sion and a black & white ver­sion of all images here … I will add them in my cur­rent Ire­land series over the next days and weeks.

After this, in a second series, the digit­al res­ults will fol­low.

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So long … and thanks for all the fish.

Contax Aria and Yashica ML 2.8/24mm

Monday, June 4th, 2018

A first film found its way into my Con­tax Aria — an Agfa Vista 400. As lens I used a Yash­ica ML 2.8/24mm. The Con­tax Aria is a beau­ti­ful piece of tech­no­logy and one of the last SLR mod­els from Con­tax.

Tech­nic­al specs can be found here, so there’s no need to duplic­ate them.

And here comes the cor­rect lens …


The Aria is the smal­lest and most light­weight Con­tax SLR mod­el. It’s even light­er than the Con­tax 139 or the Con­tax 159. Dials and switches are sim­il­ar to the oth­er pre­de­cessor mod­els like e.g. RX or AX. All are well placed and pure fun to use. Show­ing a size com­par­is­on, just look here.

The lens — a Yash­ica ML 2.8/24mm — is rated not bad, reviews and rat­ings can be found on the web.

To give the combo a little bit room to shine, I took it on a hike in the Upper Palat­in­ate. Hik­ing to the Haarkapelle — not sure if Hair-Chapel is the right trans­la­tion, as it lies near a (very) small vil­lage named Haar and a small ridge called Haar-Rangen. It’s a small chapel in the middle of a forest, built as a remem­brance of a good man. The hike goes along a fair num­ber of ponds and we had a cold but sunny day at late Feb­ru­ary. So all was pre­pared for some nice pic­tures.

The film — an Agfa Vista 400 — is cur­rently in the mak­ing and dm and I expect it to be back in about a week.
Until then, I have made at least some digit­al shots with my lovely Ricoh GR II. Here you go …

I checked online the status of my film and just got the info that my film is not lis­ted in their order sys­tem … ???
So I went in the dm-shop and told them … they say they sent it out to the lab.
They called the lab which tells they nev­er received that film.
I placed a search request … let’s see …

The combo worked very well and hand­ling is quite a pleas­ure. The little Aria does not stand in the way and simply works. The Yash­ica gives a beau­ti­ful focal length with it’s 24mm and it’s a joy work­ing with it — a very sol­id con­struc­tion. Did I say, that 24mm is a focal length I like ;)

Let’s see what comes back from the pro­cessor …

Well, finally after 4 weeks I called them and … my film was back from pro­cessing :)

Using the scanned samples — 1500px — I made some tweeks with Sil­ver­FX and … voila … here they are ;)

What slightly irrit­ates me is, that the 3rd party lens shade was advert­ised for a 24mm lens … and here I have vign­et­ting on all images. What I found fur­ther was, some flares when hav­ing the sun in the image. But I think that’s not so bad for a 24mm lens. All images can be found here.

Enjoy 😉

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Blossom Impressions …

Monday, August 28th, 2017

The last days I had some fun in the garden, as lots of flowers are giv­ing their very best to make this time an amaz­ing col­our­ful one. I was lucky shoot­ing three cameras/lens com­bin­a­tions.

Sonnenhut / Echinacea

Echin­acea / Sonnen­hut, shot with Pentax LX, Pentax‑A SMC 2.8/28mm, Agfa Vista 400.

Herbst-Anemone / Anemone hupehensis

Anemone hupe­hen­sis / Herbst-Anemone shot with Fuji X100s with the nice 2.0/23mm onboard Fujinon lens.

Hibiskus / Hibiscus

Hibis­cus / Hibiskus shot with Olym­pus OM‑D E‑M1, Voigtländer Sko­parex 2.0/40mm, Focar C.

Dur­ing the last years I see, that espe­cially the Hibis­cus is one of my favour­ite motivs.
The full series — and a lot more images — can be found on my Flickr page.

Enjoy 😉

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Pentax LX with SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm reused …

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Last week­end I was on a short trip to Frank­furt and I wondered what cam­era to join me.

Soon it was clear that my Fuji X100s was the one to go … but I wanted to have somet­ing more ana­log ;)

So it finally was my Pentax LX with a SMC Pentax‑A 2.8/28mm lens who was com­ing along.

As I still had an opened roll of Agfa Vista 400 to com­plete (5 frames already shot in Ire­land), I loaded that film and fired six frames.

As this was the first time to use the LX, I was curi­ous, how this pretty baby would work — optic­ally it is look­ing brand new.

Two days later … what to say … it was a pleas­ure hand­ling that cam­era. The single point to com­plain was the on/off switch sit­ting around the shut­ter release but­ton. As this switch is rotated to lock the shut­ter but­ton, it is mov­ing quite loose, so that one can acci­den­tially move it by put­ting the cam­era in or out of the bag.

As we had two sunny days, I used mainly zone focus­sing at f/11 and Auto­mat­ic Mode and it was … easy going.

The film is cur­rently on pro­cessing and when back, I’ll post some pic­tures on my Flickr- or 500px-page.

Enjoy 😉

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