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The Calendar Files … 2016 … Lisbon

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Well, just to recap … now we’ve reached 2016 and we are in Lis­bon this time!

This time I cre­ated two cal­en­dar ver­sions — one por­trait ori­ent­a­tion and one land­scape ori­ent­a­tion — as there are so many spots worth it in Lis­bon. When you ever vis­ited this city, you have fallen in love with it. Its unbe­liev­able light, its mood of decay and its imper­i­al great­ness togeth­er with the won­der­ful people liv­ing in this mir­acle town make it a must have on your travel list.

First ver­sion:

Torre de Belém, Lis­boa


View from Caste­lo S. Jorge down to Rossio, Lis­boa


Elevador da Glor­ia, Lis­boa


View from Caste­lo S. Jorge, Lis­boa


Light Bulb, Lis­boa


Mod­ern Art, Lis­boa


New Year, Lis­boa


Mosteiro dos Jer­on­i­m­os, Lis­boa


Parque das Nacoes, Lis­boa


Azule­jos, Lis­boa


Streets of Lis­boa


Streets of Lis­boa


Praca de Comer­cio, Lis­boa


Second Ver­sion:

Elevador de Santa Justa; Lis­boa


MUDE — Museu do Design e da Moda, Lis­boa


Mod­ern Art, Lis­boa


Cafe Nic­ola, Lis­boa


New Year, Lis­boa


View from Caste­lo S. Jorge, Lis­boa


Elétri­cos de Lis­boa


Ponte Vasco da Gama, Lis­boa


Caste­lo de São Jorge, Lis­boa


Decay, Lis­boa


Torre de Belém, Lis­boa


Mer­cado da Ribeira, Lis­boa


Rua Augusta, Lis­boa


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So long … and thanks for all the fish.