Irelands Southwest and West (Part 5)

Part 5 of our 2017 trip through Irleands South­w­est and West. Com­ing to the final (ana­log) part of our tour which leads us from Con­nemara back to Dub­lin.

Leav­ing won­der­ful Con­nemara and the County Gal­way …

… and enter­ing Dub­lin — what a con­trast.

Hav­ing some nice food …

… and walk­ing over the Ha’­Penny Bridge.

Next post will cov­er the digit­al part of the jour­ney.
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So long … and thanks for all the fish.


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2 Responses to “Irelands Southwest and West (Part 5)”

  1. Jim Grey says:

    I’ve sure enjoyed fol­low­ing along as you share your Ire­land pho­tos. Reminds me so much of my trip there a few years ago. Sure wish I could go back.

    • Hi Jim,
      thanks for stop­ping by.

      As it’s already two years since my trip in 2017, each image is also for me a nice remind­er, espe­cially while doing some real-time online invest­ig­a­tions about the image loc­a­tions ;)

      As we left out the noth­ern part of Ire­land, I’d like to come back some day to com­plete that part of the island.

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